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A.Tromboo & Co. deals in the manufacturing of Kashmiri handicraft items such as: Pashmina Shawls, Pashmina Stoles,Kani Shawl, Raffal Shawls, Toosha Shawls, Semi-Pashmina Shawls,Count Shawls,Count Stoles,Silk Shawls, Silk Stoles, Semi-Pashmina Stoles, Paper Mache items, Carpets, Crewel Items,Turma/Gatra (Arabian Head Shawl/Scarf), etc.

We are manufacturer,dealer and wholesalers of Kashmir Art & Crafts. Our company established in 1997, registered with Chamber of Commerce of Kashmir, The Government of India and Directorate General of Foreign Trade for manufacture and export of Kashmir Arts and Crafts.

A.Tromboo & Co. is the only company in Kashmir which lets you to yourself be the designer for the product you want.We take each and every customer big or small very very importantly and everytime try our best to deliever him with finest quality.

We at A.Tromboo & Co. share an extreme enthusiasm, excitement and zeal about what we do. Like all dedicated and honest artist, Kashmir Artisans deliver their creations at an emotional and spiritual level, and every hand-made product in our collection captures and reflects that intensity of dedication of the craftsman who created them.

The exquisite and intricate artistry have been created using materials that are the finest that Kashmir has to offer - The Purest hand-woven Pashmina/Cashmere and the most exotic Silk.

A.Tromboo & Co. is proud of its products and service and we at A.Tromboo & Co. recommend to you to buy samples of our products and feel the difference.

We at A.Tromboo & Co. have gone to great lengths to ensure that we bring the highest quality, most exquisite and one of its kind hand-made products of Kashmir, to our patrons.

A.Tromboo & Co.
Bota Kadal Lal Bazaar
Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir - 190023
Email : atromboo@yahoo.co.in
Phone : +91-9419065445
WebSite :  www.atromboo.in
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Bota Kadal Lal Bazaar Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir - 190023


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