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Prince Woodcarving House are the Manufacturing,dealers,Exporters of highest quality & totally different items of walnut woodcarving ,assuring you full value of your money.our showroom is a museum.

The Manufacturing of Walnut Furniture are running in our Blood. Our Father Was most renowned, Famous, Pillar and most honest Woodcarver of Kashmir. We are dedicated fully our self in this Business, we are running.

Our Factory
Since last 50 years and Exporting the Same for last 30 years. 100% of our Customers are fully satisfied with our high quality product and excellent Service. We are manufacturing completely different product and are always changing the designs and Shapes. We are always utilizing Old, fully seasoned and Rich Timber of Walnut in every item, much attention is paid to the Wood matching and joints, We carve each item such a way that it should look like BRIDE.

Due to the increase of modern influence in every field, we are also running side by side to it, As we are also Making Plain /Elegant furniture from the Finest Walnut with rich grains . Classic items will have always best place in every Modern or Traditional Home. Most of our items are greatly Influence by The FAMOUS Chippendale /Queen Anne designs, Also Italian Style. At the Same time U will find always with us the Breath Taking Items made by the REAL Master Craftsman. Each of our items has full value of your Money Almost all the Best Craftsman of Kashmir r working under our Supervisor,they follow our Own designs and instructions Once a Customer will be always our Customer.

We assure Excellent After Sale service to Our Customers, We feel pleasure to undertake any Order as per Customer's Choice and Specification.

Our Each item are Really like Prince's collections Besides Our Traditional wax Polish which is Difficult to Maintain) we r doing Water Resist Polish, keeping the Naturally of Walnut in tack, Can change the Color as per Customer's Choice.

How far we true for our Words, trust us for a little Order. For Local /reputed Families we are giving interest free credit faculties.

Prince Woodcarving House
Shiraz Road Rainawari
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 190003
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Phone : +91 9796152666
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Shiraz Road Rainawari Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 190003


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