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JK enviro-serve

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Environmental services have taken on a new urgency since the beginning of this decade. There has been widespread recognition of the seriousness of the environmental problems at various levels and one consequence of this is the greater importance being attached to Environment.

JK enviro-serve was established in 2013 by highly qualified and experienced Technocrats specialized in environmental services.

JK enviro-serve is based in south kashmir and has representative, volunteers in every part of Jammu and Kashmir.

“JK enviro-serve is committed to maintaining the healthy environment”At JK enviro-serve, we perceive the complexity of conducting Evironmental impact assessment (EIA) and take care of all minute issues while producing good quality EIAs and provide services for obtaining environmental
clearances for projects coming under various sectors like construction, township, high-rise buildings, industries,forests, irrigation, infrastructure etc.

The most important issue that the world community faces today is sustaining our growth and development in an environmentally responsible manner. JK enviro-serve is a leader in environmental services. We are a company committed to developing solutions that accommodate continuing growth through innovation and a firm commitment to deliver value-added services that protect people and improve the environment.

To know more about us ,Contact us at:

JK enviro-serve
Srinagar, Anantnag -192101
Jammu and kashmir – India
Tel : +1932 222 300
Mob : + 91 [0] 9697053346

General Inquiries:
Engr.Mohammed Amir Gul
Field Service Engineer
e-mail: amir.gul@jkenviroserve.com
Mob: + 91 [0] 9697053346

JK enviro-serve
srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 192101
Email : info@jkenviroserve.com
Phone : + 91 [0] 9697053346, +1932 222 300
WebSite :  www.jkenviroserve.com/
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Anantnag srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 192101


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