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At OGS, we believe that our daughters have the potential of creating a huge impact in the build-up and direction of growth of our society and as such need to be provided all the facilities and the atmosphere that they need to grow into complete positive and constructive individuals.

We believe that our daughters need to come back to an understanding of our own morals and culture, set this understanding as their platform and then take off on an expedition of learning, gaining strength and understanding, spreading happiness and making this world a better place by creating spheres of well-being around them irrespective of the their geographical location and their individual areas of influence.

We will create an atmosphere of learning wherein we will concentrate on individual strengths of each of our students, make them realize their potential, teach them respect for that potential and guide them to their orbits in line with their potential. At the same time imbibe humility, truthfulness, respect for others, justice, thankfulness and piety in their beings.

Orbit Girls School
Aerodrome Road Peerbagh
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 191132
Email : care@ogssrinagar.com
Phone : +91 194 243 1431
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Aerodrome Road Peerbagh Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir - 191132


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