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Water Sports In Kashmir
Water Sports In KashmirWater Sports In KashmirWater Sports In KashmirWater Sports In KashmirWater Sports In KashmirWater Sports In KashmirWater Sports In Kashmir

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Kashmir's two major natural advantages are its mountains on the one hand , and lakes and rivers on the other hand. These waterways enhance the beauty of the land and are on of the chief sources that attract tourists to its verdant valleys. But more than just a means of pleasure, the waterways are an activity oriented way of discovering new leisure sports.

Kashmir has many lakes --- Dal, Nagin, Mansbal and Wular. These are excellent spots for rowing --- whether it is a shikara or a racing skull. No one has tried canoeing in these lakes so far. These lakes are interconnected as also the river Jhelum which flows through the entire length of the valley and connects with all the lakes.An interesting spot what is locally called 'Water Trekking'. One can have a three to four day trip along the river to various lakes in a shikara with all the camping gear. There are lovely spots to camp for the night.

The lakes are also famous for water skiing.The ski School of Gulmarg organizes ten day water ski courses in Dal and Nagin lakes during the summer months. These courses are offered at extremely competitive prices.

As you pick up more courage you can venture into the white waters. Rafting is a very recent sport in Kashmir.Indus, the river which gave India its name, offers two to three day fast stretches for rafting in the vicinity of Leh. However the most challenging and enjoyable ride is on Zanskar : five day trip from padam to its confluence with Indus at Nimu. One has to pass through a narrow gorge where only a streak of sky is visible for as long as two days. The Zanskar ride can be combined with a week long trek from Manali to Padam.

White water canoeing has extensive possibilities, Lidder.Sindh,Drass, Suru, Indus, Zanskar, Chenab and for the less adventurous, even the Jhelum river can present interesting trips. The time to raft is either in May/June or in September/October. Equipment is available with some local agents. The Tourism Department is also planing to set up a fully stocked unit for intending tourists.

No one has yet tried diving in the lakes. It would be fun to discover the legendary city which is believed to lie at the bottom, of Wular Lake. It is also said that Mansbal Lake has no bottom. The high altitude lakes of Tarsar, Marsar, Kaunsarnag, Kishensar, Vishensar and Gangabal could also be interesting for canoeing, a sport that has still to catch on



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