Golden hopes Group of Houseboats

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We offer you the most peaceful and relaxing accommodation, that can be found on Dal Lake in SRINAGAR. Our HOUSEBOAT is situated in the more quiet outbacks of the lake with a full view over the lake, the waterlilies, the castle and mountains in the background. Still you are only 5 water taxi minutes away from the mainland and the city center.

You shall be served with typical traditional food from KASHMIR. I is made only from fresh organic ingredients and we will be happy to consider your individual wishes.

My brother and I, we are certified professional mountain guides. We offer to show you all the beauty, that the surrounding Himalayan Mountains have to offer - unbelievably high altitudes, glaciers, animal- and plant live... This includes Hiking tours and Horse riding tours and we can alter the tours to your level of fitness and interests.

Please contact us via mail or telephone for further information!

Golden hopes Group of Houseboats
Nehru Park Dal Lake Gate # 14
Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir - 190001
Email :
Phone : +919858457491
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Nehru Park Dal Lake Gate # 14 Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir - 190001


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