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The Concept
Hard to believe but true.
Before we start to explain the concept, we would just like to ask you a few questions in arithmetic.

Can you tell us what: - 4325 X 235 =? Or. 7354 ÷ 2345 =?

Ah! Ha, heading for some tool to help you solve this? What did you pick up? A pen and paper, a calculator or have you switched on your computer?

Now! If we tell you that you can solve these sums without the help of any external aid you would most probably laugh at us and say this is impossible or take a long time doing it.

Can you imagine these same sums that have baffled you being solved by a Eight year old child in just 8 seconds flat and that too without using any of the external aids mentioned above. Hard to believe but true.

That is what we are into? Whole Brain Development using Mental Arithmetic as a medium and an ABACUS as a tool.

ALOHA is a whole brain development company. When we talk about whole brain development a lot of questions arise in our mind and the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is: -

Is whole brain development Possible?
Generally human beings use only 2-3% of their brainpower during their life span.

That proves that still more than 97% of the brains remains unutilized. That means there is a potential for development, and ofcourse development is possible since theere is potential.

This gives rise to our next question that if it is possible when?

When is this possible?
Research has shown over a period of time that the brain development activities are mostly possible up to the age of 13 years, beyond this age there are hardly 10% chances of brain development. The age 16 to 20 is the age when the brain matures out and gives it a definite shape and pattern.

Going by the dictates of research it has been proved that whole brain development is possible from the age of 3-16 years in India since the child starts to recognize the numbers of 0 to 9 at the age of four as per the education system prevalent with us.

How is it Possible?
You would agree with us that the more you use your organs/parts of the body the more it responds, there by becomes more efficient of that particular organ.

For example:-

If you were to start jogging it would be most probable that you would be able to run a Kilometer, but if you were to jog for two years you could increase this to 15 kilometers per day.

If you were to start exercise in the gyms, you would need to increase the weights slowly and the time would come when you would be able to lift the weight greater or equal to your body weight. We can conclude that if we exercise any body part then its efficiency increases. This fact will apply to our brains also. Now the question is how do we give exercise to our brains?

Generally it is said that mathematics is a good medium for exercising our brains. Scientists and our research team has proven that mental arithmetic of higher level e.g. 76382*793 = ?, can give, lot of exercise to our brains, since it is the best medium to exercise our brain.

In short, Mental Arithmetic + Practice = Brain Development.
ALOHA training helps the child to make best use of the potentiality that his/ her brain holds, it strengthens the mind of the child by teaching him how to solve complex numbers and calculations. By the time the child finishes the course they would be solving complex arithmetic problems mentally without the help of any external tool like pens, paper or calculators and computers. Due to this the child gets an overall mental development which helps in making him / her hard working, clever, smart and improving their overall academic performance.

Why Mental Arithmetic?
Why only, mental arithmetic is the best suited medium, for brain development?

Mental arithmetic is an age old technique and it has been widely stated that the best exercise for the development of brains is arithmetic and hence mental arithmetic. This technique has been accepted, the world over and is actively being used in over 20 countries around the globe.

It is also observed that when children do fast calculations, using Aloha methodology through their mind, they need to use their imagination, memory, analysis, logic, creativity, listening skills, vision etc. because, both part of their brain gets exercised, therefore co-ordination between them also increases.

This way when the mind gets constant exercise, the mental power of the child gets a boost, just like the equipment at the gym is a medium for body building. So also for brain development, mental arithmetic is a proven medium. After the muscles are developed, the stored energy can be used as desired, similarly thru mental arithmetic, the brain gets developed and the enhancements so acquired can be used as and when required.

ALOHA is not a class for teaching mental arithmetic but its aim is to bring around complete brain development. Mental math’s is an added advantage garnered through the whole exercise. Initially Mental arithmetic is taught with the help of an ABACUS.

What is an ABACUS?
Abacus is a tool invented by the Salamis, then labeled by Mesopotamians, improved as a mathematical tool by Greek scholar Tetramachus, and used in China for more than 2000 years as a mathematical tool. Abacus is termed as the father of computers.

Abacus is being used in our curriculum for learning the basics of mental arithmetic, right and left brain development and to increase their co-ordination.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is a form of training which will enhance a child’s ability to calculate without the aid of any instrument such as paper, pen, calculator or abacus, after initial abacus training. The child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his/her own mental power. ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is fun filled learning.

What is ALOHA’s Contribution?
ALOHA is a mental development program based on mental arithmetic system. It starts with the use of an abacus and soon the child learns to do calculations in his mind itself without a physical abacus. This training will enhance a child's ability to do calculation without the aid of any instrument such as the calculator, abacus etc. The child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his own mental power and can surpass the speed of even a calculator.

The syllabus, which is finely structured is prepared by ALOHA curriculum development department (Malaysia) Children who undergo ALOHA arithmetic training would have several positive benefits. Some of these are:

Greater concentration
Keen Listening skills
Better reflexes
Better application skills
Improved analytical skills
Better creative and imaginative skills
Improved reading writing and learning skills
Better Memory
Sharper observation
Self – confidence
Better expression
Better comprehension and calculation skills
This special ability relies entirely on one's mental processing skills. The program aims at stimulating the children’s right and left side of the brain, making the whole thinking process mode efficient and effective, to produce complete and confident personalities, who achieve extraordinary levels in various disciplines. In short it is like a brain gymnasium for the young and growing minds.

Won’t this create more burden on the child?
There is no extra burden on the child during the training through ALOHA, but the fact is that the brain gets developed and hence the regular studies also become easier. In fact ALOHA is not an educational institute, but it is a brain development center. World over, students are undergoing ALOHA mental arithmetic training without any burden and get knowledge combined with fun and play.

Like other training programs, ALOHA also has books and syllabus but the whole training program is easy and burden less. The child will start taking interest in themselves which is the primary motive of any ALOHA center.

At the start, the child is taught how to use an Abacus – a beaded instrument used for the purpose of calculation. Later on, the child is not dependent on the Abacus to do the calculations.

ALOHA center presents a friendly and good atmosphere, which motivates the child to come to our center to learn.

Course Information
Children of the age group 6 - 13 are eligible to join our course. The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic course is divided into 8 levels. Each level lasts for 3 months during which the children will have to attend 12 sessions. Teaching sessions are conducted once in a week for 2 hours.

After successful completion of the assessment at every level, the child goes to the next level. Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each level. Certificates are given after successful completion of


To further highlight the ability of students, every year Aloha India conducts National Level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition, for students from all the centers in India. The toppers of this competition are sponsored by the company to represent India in the International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition conducted every year, where children trained by us will compete with brains from all over the world.

Coaching available in Zoology, Botany,English
for 11th,12th,Ist Year,2nd year and Final year students

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